Welcome to my Governing Climate Change website!

Hi. My name is Andrew Kythreotis and I am a Senior Lecturer in Political and Social Geography in the School of Geography at the University of Lincoln, a Senior Researcher with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Psychology at Cardiff University.

I am interested in all things climate change related. More specifically, how it is governed within society, and generally why it has become such a contentious issue that polarises different people, groups and institutions at different scales of governance from the local right up to the global. I am particularly interested in why it is so difficult for national governments to implement effective climate policies, whether related to climate mitigation or climate adaptation and what actions are needed at local and city scales. Considering the above, I firmly believe that climate change is an issue that needs to be examined using multiple disciplinary perspectives and on this website, you can get a bit of an insight into some of the work I do with great colleagues from around the UK and the world.

Please see the link ‘About’ in the top right-hand corner and explore some of the projects we are working on.

Also, feel free to make any comments on the website so it can be improved. Any news that you might have regarding climate change will also be welcomed, but be warned I will not publish anything on the publication pages which is not suitably evidence-based! However, the website is open for those who do not believe in anthropogenic climate change (who are often called ‘climate deniers’) to comment on. Most of all, any comments need to be respectful of other people’s views.